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Q: Why hire a band?

A live band brings a level of sophistication, elegance and entertainment value that is not possible with a D.J. There is something magical about a live performance and hearing a talented singer bring real meaning to a lyric. MONTAGE has personality and keeps the dance floor packed. The band members are enjoyable to watch, treat guests with respect and play at just the right volume. For those who feel they just need to hear certain songs performed by the original artist, we can also offer a band/DJ combo at minimal additional cost. We also offer enhanced lighting packages. Judicious use of lighting can make any venue and stage area look stunning.


Q: What makes MONTAGE Unique?

MONTAGE performs music that will make your event unique and memorable by including great songs that are not your typical wedding band fare. We love to entertain! We love to engage and  we welcome clients to meet and get to know the individual performers. This leads to level of confidence that makes for a stress free event when the big day arrives.

MONTAGE makes every effort to personalize each event. From the very beginning you deal directly with the people who will actually be performing. We want every client to be so ecstatic about our performance that they become our biggest supporters and best advertising.

MONTAGE combines input from our clients with our own experience and expertise to yield a party that’s sophisticated, elegant and high energy.

MONTAGE is proud to be as much a family as a business. We love to play together and will bring that joy to your event. The band is experienced in performing at weddings, corporate events, concerts, school and church functions and we approach each individually.



Q: What music do you do best?

Dance music from all genres! What defines MONTAGE is the band’s ability to play an eclectic repertoire with stylistic accuracy. On any given day we may play songs from George Gershwin, John Coltrane, Bob Marley, Journey, Marvin Gaye, Dave Mathews, Frank Sinatra, Chicago, and Earth, Wind & Fire all in one set and still make it all work. We take great pride in not being easily categorized.


Q: What type of occasions do you normally play?

We like variety and believe that it keeps our music fresh and energetic. These performances have included corporate parties, country club functions, charitable fund raisers, dinner dances, nightclubs and as an opening act for major recording artists. Couples have been so confident in the band’s abilities that they have enthusiastically arranged for MONTAGE to perform at upscale weddings held in Aspen, Vail, Beaver Creek as well as Denver’s finest hotels and venues. MONTAGE also has the unique track record of only playing weddings where the bride and groom remain married forever!....


Q: What size ensemble will be best for my affair?

The number of musicians is a matter of taste, space and budget. Except in the most extreme environments, the number of musicians should not really affect volume. The MONTAGE core group is seven musicians (bass, guitar, drums, keyboard, sax, male vocalist, female vocalist). This group has been performing together for years. Everything in our repertoire is possible at this size; some songs are even more enhanced with additional horns or vocalists. We have a large library of songs arranged for our full four-piece horn section that are well rehearsed and stylistically accurate.


Q: Are you willing to learn special songs I want played? I have certain songs that I don't want to be played... is that okay?

YES! YES! YES! If by chance we don’t know a wedding song or dedication, we are happy to add it to our repertoire if we are given adequate notice. We usually ask that you allow us 30 days to properly prepare. Many clients use our song list to highlight favorites and more importantly point out songs they do not want to hear.


Q: Do you play ethnic music?

Absolutely, MONTAGE helps clients celebrate their heritage by playing horas, Irish waltzes, polkas, tarantellas, and other traditional songs.


Q: Does the band take breaks?

Our experience enables us to coordinate with the banquet staff to keep the party moving and break times to a minimum. Our major goal is to make sure the party maintains momentum and there are no situations where the guests are idly waiting for something to happen. Food service determines much of the flow of any banquet, so make sure you convey to your caterer your desire to have the band be allowed as much time for dancing as possible. You will certainly want to give your guests a chance to catch their breath and the musicians a chance to freshen up. MONTAGE has the capability to play pre-recorded dinner music and often the client may wish to provide some of this interlude material on CD or IPOD. Alternatively, the band may divide into smaller units to provide background music, perhaps a few vocal standards or small group jazz.


Q: Will music be provided for cocktail hour? Ceremony?

One or more band members usually perform at the cocktail hour, and we like to feature our jazz trio (piano, bass and sax). We can also provide classical ensembles. MONTAGE also regularly provides music for wedding ceremonies.


Q: Will the band dress appropriately?

The band has a number of “looks” from formal to casual. We often coordinate color schemes to accent the bridal party and visually tie the wedding together.


Q: What can I do to assist the band in living up to my expectations?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and speak your mind! This is your event and we’re sure that you have a good picture in your mind of how you would like things to go. With your ideas and our talent and experience, you can be sure that yours will be an event to remember!

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